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General Information

Emergency Service
For your peace of mind we provide access to a 24-hour emergency service. There is always a Vet and Veterinary Nurse on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Out of Hours emergency calls are covered by the Vets and Nurses at Pool House Veterinary Hospital (Fosseway Lane, Lichfield, WS13 8JY). If your pet is sick or injured please ring the usual Grange Hill Veterinary Centre number 01543416246 and an answer phone message will give you the appropriate number to ring (which may be different each day)

Consultations are by appointment only: Mon-Fri, 8.40am-12.00 noon, 2.30pm-6.30pm and Sat, 9.00am-12 noon, 2.30pm-4.30pm.

Our Standard Appointments are for up to 10 minutes
One appointment per pet
We understand the need to keep the costs of caring for pets down and so subsequent repeat consultations for a current condition are reduced in price. A consultation fee covers for our professional time and an examination. We can provide clear information on the potential costs of treatment and this is something we encourage all clients to discuss with the vet at the time of treatment

If you are unable to attend an appointment, please inform us as soon as possible so that we can offer it to another client. We do reserve the right to charge clients if they fail to attend appointments repeatedly without informing us.

In an emergency, we will always attend to your pet as soon as possible.

Home visits can be arranged where it is impossible for the owner to bring the pet to the practice. It is more commonly advisable to see all pets at the practice where we have all our facilities, equipment and full team of staff on hand. We cannot guarantee to be able to do home visits at short notice as our vets may be operating or dealing with intensive care patients. We can provide numbers of local taxis that will tranpsort pets and there are some animal ambulance services available


Payment of all fees is required at the time of treatment. This applies equally to insured and non-insured clients. Payment is by cash, credit card or debit card.
Settlement of outstanding payments
Our policy is for all accounts to be settled on the day. All outstanding fees may incur administration fees where bills have to be sent.

Veterinary fees do incur Value Added Tax (VAT) at the current rate.
 Fee Estimates for routine and non-routine surgery are given on request. All clients are encouraged to enquire about and discuss treatment costs. .
Out of hours fees
Consultation and Visit fees out of hours vary depending on the time of day or night. Please enquire re such fees as necessary. The fees charged will be those set by the practice attended (ourselves or Pool House Veterinary Hospital).
See our PET HEALTH CLUB page for details of our discount scheme
Our policy is for insured clients to pay as they go along, and then we will be happy to fill out the vet section on your claim form. We ask that you collect your forms and check them before you send to your insurance company. If it is an ongoing condition we can complete ongoing claim forms. Direct claims may only be authorised in exceptional circumstances and for single large claims.

Ownership of clinical records including radiographs

All clinical records including radiographs belong to Grange Hill Veterinary Centre.

In Patients
We do not currently have someone living in attendance at the surgery all night. Animals which are kept as in patients overnight, however, are monitored depending on clinical need. The attending vet will be happy to discuss the individual needs and costs for your pet. Our policy is to only keep pets in hospital when absolutely essential.

We really strive to provide the best possible attention that we as a practice can. If our efforts do not meet your satisfaction, please contact the practice to discuss, and we will endeavour to resolve your enquiry or problem. If the complaint is serious, please put the matter in writing addressed to Jeremy Wade, Practice Principal.

We welcome all feedback positive and negative as we aim to please and continue to improve our service to both pets and owners.
Prescriptions are available from this practice. You may obtain relevant veterinary medicinal products from your veterinary surgeon OR ask for a prescription and obtain these medicines from another veterinary surgeon or a pharmacy.

There is a charge for a written prescription, available on request Obtaining POM-V products without a prescription is illegal. Your veterinary surgeon may prescribe relevant veterinary medicinal products only following a clinical assessment of an animal under his or her care.

A prescription may not be appropriate if your animal is an in-patient or immediate treatment is necessary. You will be informed, on request, of the price of any medicine that may be prescribed for your animal.  

The general policy of this practice is to re-assess an animal requiring repeat prescriptions for supplies of relevant veterinary medicinal products every 3-6 months, but this may vary with individual circumstances.

The standard charge for a re-examination is available on request. Further information on the prices of medicines is available on request.
For friendly and expert advice on your pet's health, contact Grange Hill Veterinary Centre today.
01543 416 246
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