Post-op Care

Dog health

Expert after care for your pet

Here we have provided a few documents that may help you look after your pet after they have had surgery. We hope you find them useful. However, if you have any concerns please call the surgery.

Please click on each one to download the care sheet

Post-Op Care Bitch Spey
Post-Op Care Dog Castration
Post-Op Care Cat Castration
Post-Op Care Cat Spey
Post-Op Care Rabbit Spey
Post-Op Care Rabbit Castration
Post-Op Care Lump Removal
Post-Op Care Dental (with extractions)
Post-Op Care Dental (without extractions)
Dental Home Care
Caring for your pet's Dressing or Bandage
If you have a query regarding your pet's recovery, please feel free to call us for some advice
01543 416 246
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